Lions District 20-E2, The Finger Lakes District
Bob Mizzoni, District Governor     Rich Shaff, Vice-Governor
District Directory 2001-2002

Lions Traditions

Motto: We Serve

Slogan: Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nations Safety


Where Lions meet,
Be present Lord,
To weld our hearts in one accord,
To do thy will, Lord
Make us strong,
To aid the weak and right the wrong.


And now may the Lord
Bless you and keep you
May the Lord be gracious unto you
May the Lord lift up his countenance unto you
And give you peace,
Now and forever more.


Not Above you
Not Beneath you
But With you

Induction ceremony (basic)

It is my pleasant duty to induct you into Lionism:
Please raise your right hand, giving your name where
I give mine:

I __________________, do solemnly swear/promise to
uphold the constitution of Lions Clubs International,
Lions of the State of New York and Bermuda, and the
constitution and by-laws of the ___________________ Lions Club.

I will faithfully perform any duties to which I am
appointed or elected. So help me God.

Club President Excellence Award Requirements

  1. The club shall comply with the association constitution and by-laws and the policies of the International Board of Directors and shall refrain from any action encouraging unauthorized use of the name, good will, emblem, the marks "Lions," "Lions Club," "Lioness," "Leo," "Lions International" or "Lions Clubs International" and other ins ignias of this association.

  2. The club shall have no unpaid balances of over US$50 owing to the international office as of March 31 of the fiscal year.

  3. The club must show a net increase in club membership for the fiscal year, deaths and transfers not counted. Or, the club must sponsor at least one Lions Club during the president's term of office.

  4. An accounting must be made for all Membership and Activities reports.

  5. From the following requirements, six (6) must be completed.

    • All other reports required by the international of fice and/or the single, sub- or multiple district of which the president's club is a part must have been filed on time;

    • The president must have personally sponsored one or more new members who shall have been inducted prior to June 30 of his year;

    • The club must have conducted at least one major service activity, which shall have been reported on the club's Membership and Activities Report. Organization of a Leo or Lioness club can be regarded as a major service activity.

    • The club must have conducted at least one major fundraising project with substantial membership participation, which shall have been reported on the club's Membership and Activities Report;

    • The PU-101 form must have been submitted to the international office before May 31;

    • Club president must have attended at least two zone Advisory Committee meetings in person and must have been in attendance at, or shall have been represented at, all other such meetings held in the zone; provided however, that those countries or areas where, because of excessive distance or geographical conditions, such meetings are not held, the governor is authorized to waive this requirement;

    • The club president must have attended a single, sub- or multiple district convention or conference or international convention preceding or during his term of office.

    • The club president must have attended a club officers training school or session conducted by the district.

  6. In order to be eligible for the Club President Excellence Award, the president must have been recommended by the zone chair and/or region chair to the district governor and the district governor must have certified the president as having met all the requirements therefor. Such certification must be mailed to the international office within 30 days after the close of the international convention.

  7. In order to qualify for the award, the club president must certify that all new members have been properly inducted and indoctrinated and involved by assignment to a working activity or service committee.

100% Club Secretary Award

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