Lions District 20-E2, The Finger Lakes District
Bob Mizzoni, District Governor     Rich Shaff, Vice-Governor
District Directory 2001-2002


CONTEST RULES - Something New - A Challenge

DG Bob will underwrite two $100 tickets purchases from the Lions Foundation Annual Drawing that takes place at the MD 20 Convention in Binghamton, May 3-5, 2002. If you are not familiar with this worth while project get in touch with the Lions Foundation or myself. The top prize is $20,000; sometimes a car is offered for the #1 prize. However Cash can be obtained in place of Car.

How do you enter the CONTEST? By attending meetings, etc. The list is below on how you earn points. Your Club is automatically entered and will receive points as you participate in a function.

Cabinet meetings Club earns you and your guest 1 point each.
Club Visitations each member attending 1 point. A min of three members on a visitation or 10% of membership, whichever is greater.

Club earns 1 point on each member attending. Zone meetings Club receive 1 point. President 2 Points; Secretary 2 points.
Both President & Secretary in attendance Club receives 6 points. Fall Conference, Friday-Saturday Luncheon-Cabinet Meeting-Dinner with ID Ed and Linda after the Cabinet Meeting. Earns points. Club receives 10 points for each Club Member attending all functions. Each Member and Guest receives 3 points each for each function they attend. SPONSOR A NEW CLUB...BIG 100 points. Extra bonus for each member over 20 Charters... 25 points each. Club Parenting a Club Branch 75 points. Bonus 25 points for each Member over three. Club sponsoring LEO Club 25 points for each Leo. chairs person of the membership Committee sponsors new member 15 points and you are enrolled in the chairs Member Society.Any club member 15 point. ONE RULE...all new clubs, loess, etc. must in good standing as of JUNE 30, 2002, all dues paid in full.

Example: Prize of $1,500 less underwriting of $200 leaves $1300. Points in contest is 1,300 divide that into $1300 = $1 each point, you earn 100 points x $1 = $100. Not bad for attending a few functions. Dream of the Big $20,000. How is your math? Don't need a $ for this dream.

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